How do I create a subsite?

How do I create a subsite?

To create a subsite domain:

  1. Log in your My Combell hosting control panel (

  2. At the top follow 'My Products' > 'Web hosting'.

    Web hosting

  3. In the table you will see your hosts. Click on 'Hosting Details' for the host you need to add subsites to.

    List of hosts

  4. In the vertical menu to your left, select the 'Linked Domain Names' option.

    Hosting Details

  5. Here you see all alias created so far. Switch to the 'Subsites' tab.

    List of your existing hosts

  6. You see a list of your existing hosts. Click on '+ Add Subsite' at the bottom right corner of the table.

    Subsite form

  7. Check the message at the top to see your account’s A record. You need to change your domain name A record to match that – contact your domain name registrar, or the company that manages your name servers currently, otherwise the domain will not point to the subsite. If you do not know your current registrar, might give you a hint.

    Message at the top

  8. Choose if the subsite will be a domain name or subdomain.

    1. For subdomain:

      1. Name the subdomain.

      2. Click 'Add Domain Name'.

      3. Change the folder path if you feel like it.

      4. You have done it right if you see the confirmation: 'The (sub)domain has been added'.


    2. For a domain name:

      1. On the radio button option choose ‘Other Domain Name’.

      2. Name the domain name ex.:

      3. Customize your folder name if you feel like it.

      4. ‘Add Domain Name’ via the so named button.

        Domain names

      5. If we could not verify ownership:

        1. Check the message that will appear to learn how to verify ownership over the domain name (just click on the link)

        2. Change TXT record accordingly (with the domain name registrar) and retry

        3. You should get the message: 'The TXT record has been found! You can proceed with the creation of this package.'

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